Greetings, Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa, Mālō e lelei,  Namaste, Ni Hao, Bula, Hola, Kumusta, Pagbati

Dear Families

Warm greetings to all our school families as we continue to get through these winter months. With flu viruses and COVID with us we need to take extra care to look after ourselves and our loved ones.

 School Board Elections

Nominations for the national school Board elections closed last Wednesday 3 August. As you will know from the school communications from last week, Holy Trinity Catholic School completed its election process with a non-voting election. This means that we had five nominations, the number we required to fill five parent representative vacancies, so those five candidates were duly elected.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following five candidates who have been elected to represent our parent community- Lenis Martin, Jason Farley, Patricia Martin, Vineetha Uthamaputhiran and Maila Altamirano. THANK YOU for putting your names forward and the commitment you have been prepared to make to serve our school. By way of introduction, each newly elected member has written a little piece about themselves and their families. You will see these a little bit further in this newsletter.

Each school Board has an elected staff representative. We congratulate Lynn Rhodé who takes up this position on the new Board, in the place of Maria Speechlay, who has done excellent work in this role for the past three years.

Our sincere thanks also goes to Carmel Stewart, the Returning Officer for this Board election. Thank you Carmel for the organised and efficient way you managed the election process. In addition to your role as Office Administrator, the time commitment you gave to the election has been much appreciated.

Thank You to our Outgoing School Board Members

A BIG THANK YOU goes to our five outgoing parent representatives who have served the school so well in their governance role over the past 3 to 5 years- Tony Nawisielski, Kosta James, Vavae Nuia, Alma Santos and Melissa Hennessy (co-opted). Your contribution to Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School has been much appreciated. In fulfilling our governance role, you have worked in close partnership with our outstanding and committed principal, Peta Lindstrom, in providing the best Catholic education we can for our children.

Introducing our New Parent Representatives on our School Board

Patricia (Trish) Martin

I have recently become a member of the Holy Trinity whānau, after moving to the area, with our daughter Emily starting this year in Learning Community Awa. I am married to Greg and our sons attend Sacred Heart College, Glen Innes, in Year 7 and Year 10.

It is a privilege to put my name forward as a candidate for parent representative on the Board of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School.

Professionally, I am a registered nurse and have worked in the community as a Primary  Health Care Nurse for approximately 17 years. I feel my professional role allows me to have real contact within the community, acting as an advocate and showing empathy, allowing me to interact with others, no matter what their “walk of life” may be.

Having had a Catholic education myself in both primary and secondary schools, I have a strong belief in the importance of a Catholic education and what benefits it can bring to our children, setting them up for a future where caring and service for others are fine attributes to have in working towards their own success.

I feel we are fortunate to belong to a school where a focus is placed on growing our children to be the best they can be. As a parent representative, I would ensure that this continues, with our children’s well-being  at the forefront of every decision made.

Jason Farley

I am Jason Farley, and it is an honour and privilege to be a parent representative on the Board. My wife Rachel and I have three children, and the oldest two are currently attending Holy Trinity. Katherine is the eldest aged seven. Lilith is our second girl who is five, while Alexander (or Xander for short), is our youngest and will join the school in term three next year.

I am currently a teacher of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics at Diocesan School for Girls. I have a diverse working background including teaching History and Social Studies as well as Management, Client Relationship and Sales experience.

Wanting Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School to be the very best place for our children to learn and to grow in their faith of Christ, is what motivates me to serve on the Board.

Vineetha Uthamaputhiran

I am Vineetha Uthamaputhiran, mother of two girls, Vaasugi and Venbaazhi, who are in Year 6 and Year 2 respectively. I have worked as a private Clinical Psychologist since 2019, providing therapy for mental well-being. I have been in this field since 2014 and I am very passionate about helping and providing effective support. My interest lies in the field of Neuropsychology which focuses on brain function, especially during traumatic events, such as concussion.

This leads to a little about myself- I hail from the southern most state in India, Kerala, and I am married to Uthamaputhiran, who comes from Tamul Nadu. I was born in Kuwait and spent my primary years there, then moved to Kerala to complete most of my secondary education. I moved to New Zealand in 2004, initially settling down in Christchurch where I completed Year 13, then attended Canterbury University, specialising in Clinical Psychology along with my Masters degree in Psychology.

I would like to be a parent representative on the school Board, as I am genuinely interested in the welfare of students and teachers, who play a very important role in all our children’s lives. Experiencing education in Kerala and then my university years in N.Z,  I am able to bring my knowledge and experience to the Board’s work.

I leave you with this quote to ponder:

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”- Albert Einstein

Maila Altamirano

My name is Maila Altamirano and I have two daughters. My eldest, who is a past student of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School is now studying at St Mary’s College, and my youngest is currently in Learning Community Awa.

I have been working in the bank for 23 years now, 7 years in the Philippines and 16 years here in New Zealand.

I have been nominated by another parent of our school and what interested me in wanting to join the Board, is the well being of the children at school.

Lenis Martin

Kia ora Koutou
Ko Lenis Martin Toku ingoa
He uri ahau no Te Tairawhiti.
E mihi kau ana kia koutou mo tenei aheitanga
kia uru atu ahau ki runga I te poari kaitiaki

I enjoy taking an active role in supporting my children and the local community where and when it’s necessary. This has motivated me to pursue a variety of leadership positions. My focus has always been care and protection for young people ensuring their safety, wellbeing and education.

Ae lei faaiuina laú lauga,
oute faafetai i loú aiga Samoa mo la outou lagolago.
Oute te mitamita ona o outou ma mea lelei uma o loo tou faia i le tatou iai i lenei vaitaimi

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata!
He tangata!
He tangata!

Lynn Rhodé – Staff Representative

My name is Lynn Rhodé. Currently I am a Year 5/6 teacher in Learning Community Maunga. I also fulfil the role of SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), working with teachers to support students who have additional needs.

I am honoured to be the staff representative on the Board and look forward to working alongside you over the next few years.

An Opportunity to Meet our New Board

Mark  TUESDAY 16 AUGUST 7.00 -8.00pm on your calendar!

  • Come and meet our new Board members in person
  • Come and hear the summary of feedback from the Board’s 2022 Community   Consultation with you

There are some great ideas that the new Board will be looking at in moving forward with the school’s Strategic Plan.

Light refreshments will be served and we look forward to seeing you all there!

May our God be with us all as we move forward in the development of our school.

Warm wishes and blessings

Philip Cortesi
Presiding Member of the Board