Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible and accountable for the school’s performance and required to set the direction for the school and monitor the progress towards achieving the goals set.

The Board’s governance determines:
the “what”- designing the school’s future
the “ends” – the outcomes to be achieved
the policies- statements of what is expected

The Principal’s Management determines:
the “how”- designing how to get there
the “means”- strategies to achieve the desired outcomes
the procedures – steps to be taken to meet the expectations.

In fulfilling our respective roles, we must never lose sight of our prime responsibility, which is the achievement of our children and as a Catholic school, providing them with the best Catholic education we possibly can.

The Board of Trustees are:

  • Philip Cortesi – Board Chairperson/Bishop’s appointee
  • Peta Lindstrom – School Principal
  • Krissy Bishop – Parent elected
  • Kosta James – Parent elected
  • Seluone Seluone – Parent elected
  • Vavae Nuia – Parent elected
  • Tony Nawisielski – Parent elected
  • Father Peter Murphy – Bishop’s appointee
  • Anna Soo Choon – Bishop’s appointee
  • Apaula Lautua – Bishop’s appointee
  • Maria Speechlay – Staff Representative