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The Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School Board of Trustees endeavours to maintain high standards, quality and equality through the wearing of our school uniform. It is an outward sign of belonging to the community of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School and it is expected that it is worn with pride. This will foster a sense of identity and belonging, develop a sense of pride and ownership of our school and our Holy Trinity charism through the wearing of our school crest.

  • School uniform must be purchased through the authorised suppliers – NZ Uniforms.
  • Parents are required to ensure students are correctly dressed in the regulation school uniform as published by the school in its enrolment and school information.
  • The Principal and staff have delegated authority to ensure the wearing of the correct school uniform.
  • Changes to the uniform will be made by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the Principal and community.
  • Any changes will ensure the school colours and crest are maintained in the uniform.
  • Students are expected to maintain a high standard of appearance whenever they are identified as Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School students.
  • School regulation sports uniform is to be worn for physical activities and events.
  • Wearing of the school hat is compulsory during Terms 1 and 4.
  • Parents who are unable to meet the uniform requirements are to contact the school

Girls Uniform

Skort Tartan
Short sleeved shirt Blue monogrammed shirt (Summer)
Long sleeved shirt Blue monogrammed shirt (Winter)
Socks Navy knee high socks (Winter)

Boys Uniform

Shorts Navy
Short Sleeved Shirt Blue with monogram (Summer)
Long Sleeved Shirt Blue with monogram (Winter)
Socks  Navy knee high socks

Both Girls and Boys

Woollen Jumper Navy Monogrammed
Shoes – Sandals Black open toed school Sandals (summer)
Shoes   Black closed toe shoes (Winter)
Hat Navy bucket Sun-Hat monogrammed Terms 1 & 4
Optional School Monogrammed waterproof jacket
Optional Plain Navy scarf, beanie or gloves for Term 2 & 3

Uniform Code


  • Only uniform clothing purchased from authorised suppliers to be worn
  • Non regulation jackets or scarves to be worn with the school uniform
  • Plain navy scarves, beanies and gloves may be worn to/from school during Terms 2 & 3
  • Clothing must be well maintained, clean and neat
  • Any clothing worn under the uniform must not be visible
  • “Low riding” wearing of shorts is not permitted
  • Hair must be neatly presented and off the face
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. It is at the Principal’s discretion to define an extreme hairstyle
  • Hair below the bottom of the collar is to be tied back at all times, using red, blue or black hair bands and ties only
  • Hair must be a natural colour
  • Plain gold/silver single ear studs in lobe and watches are permitted to be worn
  • Culturally or religiously appropriate jewellery can be worn under the shirts
  • Nail polish and make-up is not permitted
  • School bags and all stationery must be clean from graffiti
  • All uniform items must be clearly labelled with child’s name
  • Correct school uniform is to be worn travelling to and from school and when representing the school at events

Parents are encouraged to support the school by ensuring their child/children wear the correct school uniform and help them to take responsibility for their appearance.