“Learn, love and serve in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”

Vision Statement – July 2015

As a result of the Takanini Area Strategy conducted in 2006-2008 and continuing consultation, Bishop Patrick Dunn, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has begun the establishment of a new Catholic Primary Integrated School at Airfield Road, Takanini. This new school, which is planned to open in the beginning of 2017, will serve the need of Catholic families who have moved into and who are expected to settle in this area.

The proposal became reality in early 2015 with the appointment of Governance Facilitator, Faye Gibson and Establishment Committee members Philip Cortesi, Anthony Noble-Campbell, Sarah Dwan, Verna Oliver and Stefan Ryan. Under the capable leadership of chairperson Philip Cortesi , the committee meets monthly, with regular sub-committee meetings held to ensure all facets of establishing a new Catholic school are achieved to meet the intended planned timeline.

The Establishment Committee is well supported and guided by the Vicar for Education, Miss Linda McQuade, who in turn liaises with the Ministry of Education. The Parish Priest of St Mary’s Parish Papakura, Fr Peter Murphy, is kept informed and will attend meetings whenever possible. The chairperson is a member of the Diocesan Property Control Group, and is able to keep the committee informed of site and building developments.

The first task of the Establishment Committee was to develop a Project Plan and Timeline and an effective Action Plan. Once the school was named, the team was ready to develop both Vision and Mission Statements, tasks which required deep reflection at a prayerful and purposeful Reflection Day held on 6 June. By the close of this day, the committee had articulated a vision of a school

where parents, whanau and staff are integral for the effective education of students, their involvement and commitment to living the vision of learn, love and serve welcomed
which provides quality education with an emphasis on academic excellence and the development of each student’s God given gifts delivered in keeping with modern learning approaches and environments
where the sacred dignity of each student is acknowledged, each student known and cared for in a welcoming, hospitable and safe environment
where students encounter the living God which will lead them to become a committed disciple of Jesus Christ
The Committee has set aside another Saturday, 8 August, to identify the school’s values and develop a school crest which will recognise the charism of the Holy Trinity.

Throughout all deliberations, the committee refers to the resource “The Catholic Education of School-Age Children” New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference 2014, a resource which puts the encounter with Jesus at the centre of Catholic education.

Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School finds its purpose and meaning through the Holy Trinity, God the Creator, Jesus the Saviour and the Life-giving Holy Spirit, working through the Catholic Church. Through Baptism, each individual is called to love God, self, others and all of creation while proclaiming the Good News, giving witness to faith and serving the needs of others.

It is a school of excellence, centred on God, where quality teaching and learning provide for the holistic development of all students to enable them to reach their full potential.

Mission Statement, July 2015

Faye Gibson
Governance Facilitator
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School
July 2015


The Holy Trinity Catholic School Establishment Board of Trustees congratulates Miss Peta Lindstrom on her appointment as Foundation Principal of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, a new Catholic school situated within the boundaries of St Mary’s Parish, Papakura, and scheduled to open in Takanini, Auckland, at the beginning of 2017. Peta took up her position on 2 May 2016 and is establishing an office in temporary premises, 279 Great South Road, Papakura. Formerly Associate Principal, Star of the Sea Catholic School, Howick, Peta brings many strengths and skills to the challenge of establishing a new school, a strong commitment to Catholic education and a passion for teaching and learning focussed on curriculum delivery. Peta is looking forward to creating and leading a strong Catholic school community in a rapidly developing urban area.

As well as establishing sound administrative practices to support 21st century learning, a key task for Miss Lindstrom and the Establishment Board of Trustees will be the appointment of a senior leadership team to commence in Term 3. There will be strong emphasis placed on creating a school of excellence which is richly embedded in the charism of the Holy Trinity. The aim will be to bring alive the planned vision and mission and create a school where parents, whanau and staff are integral for the effective education of all students, and where their involvement and commitment to living the vision of learn, love and serve are welcomed and nourished.

Within the next few weeks, Miss Lindstrom will be approaching the community to seek expressions of interest for enrolment in readiness for formal enrolments to begin in Term 3.

Working closely with the Diocese of Auckland and supported by the Ministry of Education, the Establishment Board of Trustees continues to work to ensure that the school is ready to open in 2017. At dawn, one morning In October 2015, the site at Airfield Road was blessed in readiness for the construction of a modern and innovative learning environment where the vision for innovative learning in effective learning spaces will become reality. In keeping with current education practice, there will be purposeful and flexible learning spaces that will be used to complement effective teaching and learning. It is anticipated that this exciting stage in the school development will commence sometime in May.

The Establishment Board of Trustees warmly welcomes Miss Lindstrom and wishes her every blessing and success as she leads Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School to become a school of excellence, future focussed and faith centred.

Faye Gibson
Governance Facilitator
Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School
May 2016