Greetings, Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa, Mālō e lelei,  Namaste, Ni Hao, Bula, Hola, Kumusta

Health Information Update – CORONAVIRUS  COVID 19

Dear Whānau

By now I am sure you are well informed of the Coronavirus- COVID 19 situation, both across the world and in N.Z. These are very difficult times and the well-being of us all is top priority. We are following developments very closely through the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education news bulletins to schools, which are almost daily and we are being very conscientious in following their directives and protocols in our efforts to manage this situation.

As of Thursday 19th March, the Ministry of Health reports there is no community transmission of COVID-19 in N.Z. This means that the virus is currently not spreading in the community beyond people who have had direct contact with a traceable source of infection.

As a Board of Trustees we have an obligation to make decisions based on best practice advice from government health and medical professionals. This includes advice about the level of actual risk to students and staff, or to people they are in regular contact with outside school.

We will keep ourselves fully informed of current developments so we are ready and able to act promptly and effectively when required.

Why Schools Remain Open

There are a number of reasons why it is important for schools to remain open as long as possible:

  • Continuity of learning – It is important that students can keep accessing the best education we can offer them for as long as possible. This means continuing to attend school until there is a good reason not to.
  • It is safer than being somewhere else– one of the biggest concerns for health authorities is untraceable social contacts. When students (and staff) are in school it is much easier to trace any potential contacts they may have during the school day and notify them if any of those contacts is suspected of contacting the virus.
  • Keeping calm and carrying on– maintaining normal routines and social contacts is important for the emotional wellbeing of students, staff and the wider school community.
  • Pastoral care and peer support– the relationships between students and between students and their teachers are an important emotional support in times of uncertainty.
  • Social cohesion– although it is at the bottom of the list, the consequences of a school closing can be severe for the whole community. We need to be ready to manage this when it becomes necessary.

For us at Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, it is safe for your children to attend school at this time, unless they are unwell. Our school staff are doing an excellent job in closely monitoring the Coronovairus situation and focusing on good hygiene practices with your children.

Click on this link to watch a video clip from the Minister of Education explaining why it is important for schools to remain open at this stage


THANK YOU for your on-going support and understanding. Again, be assured that we will keep you up to date with all latest developments.

We  pray that God’s comforting hand will continue to strengthen and support us all during these difficult times.


Philip Cortesi
Board of Trustees